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08.25.10 18 Comments

Here’s today’s trade-news round up.  It’s not all retarded, but it mostly is.

Adam Sandler’s real movies are worse than his fake movies, plus, Al Pacino. Al Pacino and Katie Holmes are set to join Adam Sandler’s “Jack and Jill,” in which Adam Sandler plays Jack and his twin sister, Jill, who shows up for Thanksgiving and then won’t leave.  Holmes will play Sandler’s wife and Pacino will play himself, in a script from the writer of Paul Blart: Mall Cop.  (*90-minute mouth fart*). This will be the cinematic equivalent of a glass-bottom boat. |HollywoodReporter|

Eli Roth working on a full-length version of Thanksgiving, based on his Grindhouse trailer.  I really like this idea.  Mainly because that Judy chick seems like a real slut. |CinemaBlend|

Oscar the Death Cat. So there was this cat in a nursing home who would start hanging out with old people right when they were about to die, who supposedly correctly predicted the deaths of more than 50 people.  A doctor at the home wrote a book about it, and now the story is becoming a movie.  I don’t really know where you go with a movie about a cat that can predict old people dying any more than you could with an old man’s knee that could predict the weather, but I think a buddy flick about Oscar the cat that kills old people and the dog that hates blacks could be cool. |GordonandtheWhale|

Ghost Rider 2 happening, with Nic Cage, in 3D.  Unfortunately, they’ll have some technical kinks to work out first as the first guy who tried to capture Nic Cage’s forehead on a 3D camera traveled through a worm hole and ended up in a Victorian-era opium den.  |IESB|

This clip never gets old:

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