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01.27.10 30 Comments

This video is billed as “the darker side of Siskel & Ebert”, and purports to show their secret, contentious relationship — as you’d expect from any short fat guy/tall skinny guy relationship. But the majority of it is Ebert making catty comments when Siskel (who died in ’99) flubs a line, followed by Siskel trying to slur out a fat joke in response.  Siskel actually seems drunk during a lot of these.  Between that and him giving Ebert crap for giving Full Metal Jacket a thumbs down (!!!), I think me and him could’ve hung out.

Anyway, they may bust each other’s balls, but that’s to be expected. And in almost every clip they’re wearing matching, v-neck sweaters, which, if I’ve learned anything from videos on the internet, means they totally started Frenching as soon as the cameras were off.

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