The FilmDrunk Frotcast, Episode 3

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07.02.10 31 Comments

As part of our ongoing effort to pleasure you aurally, Ben, Brendan, and I recorded a brand new FilmDrunk Frotcast.  This week, we even debuted a new segment, “Meet a Drunkard,” in which we talked to FilmDrunkard and cake maker extraodinaire Michelle Doll about, among other things, beating Bobby Flay on Throwdown, the difficulties of FilmDrinking on the job, and what a Sex and the City cake might be made out of. (interview starts at 36:20).  Cyrus review starts at 45 minutes.

Other Topics include:

  • Me feeling out of sorts in direct sunlight and away from my jack-off couch.
  • The marketing director for Knight and Day: Why can’t he just say “it sucked?”
  • The Last Airbender: Why are people so mean to M. Shammy?
  • The Expendables: Is this a real movie? Is it just a trailer?
  • Speaking of The Expendables, a friend of ours recently walked in on his dad shooting steroids.
  • 5nal Destination: Best title ever, or best title that will ever be?
  • An Air Bud film festival: good idea or great idea?
  • My time working on The Real World San Diego, kinky sex, and our plans for a “Phantom Dump” episode.
  • Brendan coins the line “Somebody had went doo doo.”
  • Our interview with Michelle in which we discuss Sex and the City cakes and talk over each other.
  • Cyrus: It was funny. But did they have to rape the actors with the camera?  Is this John C. Reilly’s colonoscopy footage?  Pretty girls with schlubby guys in movies — fair?
  • And finally, we wrap things up with some MMA talk (58-minute mark) that everyone will hate and some Nick Ring jokes three people get.  Nick Ring references: translatable to anyone and a shelf life that will probably last forever.  Right?  Guys?  Hello?

Download it here.

[audio:|titles=FilmDrunk Frotcast-Episode-3-podcast]

And feel free to weigh in on what we should see for next week (Twilight, Last Airbender, Love Ranch), but keep in mind it’s going to be nearly impossible for me to convince my panel to see any of those movies.

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