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03.31.09 12 Comments

Stella Artois recently financed several short films as part of their smooth originals/triple filtered films campaign – but don’t worry, the product placement is so subtle you almost don’t notice it.  The clip above is a parody of Die Hard 3, called Dial Hard, which imagines what Die Hard 3 would’ve been like if it was set in the 60s and European.  Inspector “Jean Meqlaine” answers a series of riddles from a mysterious woman named Simone (Simone says).  It’s more subtle than the football-to-the groin clips I normally post, but give it a chance, it’s pretty funny.  After the jump I’ve got 8 Kilometres, which turns Detroit rap battles into competitive beat poetry in French.  “Say bonjour to your wife, female canine.” 

They should’ve asked Terrence Howard to be in this.

[thanks to Ufford at WarmingGlow for finding these – he also has a French 24 parody]

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