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Last week I posted the trailer for MXP: Most Xtreme Primate. As part of an ongoing effort to bring you more ape-related footage, I did some research and found out that it was actually a sequel to a little film called MVP: Most Vertical Primate, the trailer for which you see here (in German {actually Dutch, a thousand apologies}, because everything’s better in German, especially feces porn).

You may notice some fine reaction shot work from Home Improvement‘s Al Borland, but I post this to recognize another perfomance: the guy air punching in the foreground between the 4 and 6 second mark.  In two seconds he manages to steal the entire film.  From an ape on a skateboard, no less. Do you know how hard it is to steal from a chimp?  They have thumbs on their feet!  I. Can’t. Stop. Rewinding.  I can only dream of the capacity to be as happy about anything as he is about an ape scoring a goal in ice hockey. This man needs to be identified.  He needs to be recognized. He needs to be given a prize.  The director should buy his family a house like the Slumdog kids.  FilmDrunkards, behold.  I give you… THE FINEST TWO SECOND PERFORMANCE IN ALL OF CINEMA.


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