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04.14.09 19 Comments

Hannah Montana was expected to take third behind 4 Fast 4 Furious and Monsters Vs. Aliens this weekend but instead pulled off the upset. Between that and the Twilight juggertwat, get ready to hear the word “tween” more often than reality-show contestants say “thrown under the bus.”

Tween-friendly young adult novel “The Heartbreakers” is being turned into a movie called “Rules of Dating for Teenage Girls.” “Rules of Dating” centers on four friends and their on-again, off-again dalliances with boys. After several of the girls are dumped, they devise a set of rules they are sure will snag any man and prevent future breakups. Those familiar with the project described it as a coming-of-age comedy with a girl-power streak. [THR]

Yay, because 13-year-olds LOVE hooking up with random dudes!  Rule 1: cigarettes are a great appetite suppressant. Rule 2: bad boys love you even if daddy doesn’t (especially if you dress slutty).  And Rule 3: anal doesn’t count.  Hooray, girl power!  …Yeah, girl, lemme come of age all over your girl-power streak.

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