The Scott Pilgrim chick: now with different hair

06.03.10 7 years ago 21 Comments

This whole Scott Pilgrim vs. The World thing still seems like a lot of fancy graphics for not much story to me, but I know it’s nerd crack for everyone else.  So here’s the latest TV spot that will play during Glee.  I enjoyed Chris Evans in it.  Other than that, all I took from it is that “bread makes you fat,” and whatserface likes to change her hair color a lot.  Uh, neat?  It’d be great to have a girlfriend who could switch identities to give you a little variety, but it’d be better if one of them wasn’t a sullen indie-rock chick.  She seems like she’d be okay with anal, but thinks shaving her armpits is “too corporate.”  So, pretty much a win-win.

Hey, Michael Cera!  Know what happens when a guy who looks like you eats too much garlic bread?  THIS!  (*pulls out picture of self*)

(*bursts into tears*)

[via CHUD]

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