The Stevie Nicks Fajita Round-Up and Morning Links

11.15.11 6 years ago 7 Comments

I always tell people about this old sketch, but I could never find it anywhere online. Lucy Lawless plays Stevie Nicks after she’s given up to her singing career to “focus on providing you an affordable dining experience,” at her Southwestern restaurant in Sedona, Arizona. One of my favorites.

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EXCLUSIVE: ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 1 Death Montage |Warming Glow|

Vladimir Putin is the best. Why can’t you frolic with dolphins, Obama?!

StuntBusters: Like MythBusters, But With More Exploding Death |With Leather|

R.I.P. The Fake ‘Jack & Jill’ Twitter Account |UPROXX|

Rocawear Pulls Occupy Wall Street-Themed Shirts |Smoking Section|

Frank Miller is a delusional, curmudgeonly old A-hole |Film Drunk|

Wampug! |Gamma Squad|

Bully gets beat up by fellow inmate until the cards taze him. Lazy guards. |GorillaMask|

A Very Young Stephen Colbert In FirsTier Bank Commercial |Buzzfeed|

The Men Who Camped Out for Twilight: A photo essay |FARK|

Sandusky’s lawyer says McQueary is lying. Hasn’t he suffered enough by being named McQueary? |TheSuperficial|

10 ridiculous reasons to call 911. |MentalFloss|


There’s a new Marcel the Shell with shoes on video. |Videogum|

Community is not dead yet. |ScreenJunkies|

This guy probably has an awesome online dating profile. |HolyTaco|

10 Movie Characters Who Should Have Died When They Had The Chance |Pajiba|

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