‘There is No Bigatory in Juggaloism’: Pictures & Quotes from American Juggalo

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There isn't a single thing about this picture that I'm not completely in love with

A dude named Sean Dunne went to the Gathering of the Juggalos this year and made a 20-minute documentary called “American Juggalo,” which he released online for free (which you can watch below). It had me hooked from the opening shots, when it started off as a sort of slow-motion, Juggalo video essay set to atmospheric music like some kind of meth-lab Koyaanisqatsi. Look, we all know they’re easy to make fun of, but it’s impossible not to be somewhat fascinated by these people (and in some cases, charmed). They’re just so open and earnest that it’s totally compelling. (That said, you will never convince that “juggalo baby casket” isn’t a hilarious phrase.)

Why aren’t there more short-form documentaries like this available in theaters? They’re almost always amazing. Anyway, I’d urge you to watch the entire thing, but in the meantime, I’ve compiled some of my favorite quotes below, and some of my favorite pictures (which are even better than the quotes) on the following pages.

[The dude at the 5:30 mark, who is by far the best part of this whole thing]
“I was drinkin’ Caribou Lou on the carnival rides. Apparently, I f*ckin passed out, and then my f*ckin homeboy shows up outta nowhere and gets me back to the tent. I was a f*ckin’ spectacle, but I don’t give a f*ck, cause that sh*t was righteous.”

“You should never put spray paint on your face.” [Said while a friend spray paints his face while smoking a cigarette]

“Somebody told me there’s nothing good left in the world, and I actually believed that sh*t until I came here and seen all the titties… all the weed…  all the fast food… I mean, this sh*t’s the bomb.”

“Last time I checked I was trippin pretty damn hard on some mushrooms.”

“I been here since Friday night, I probably done a thousand whippits. The whippits don’t stop. The Gathering don’t stop, the Gathering stops YOU.”

“The gathering of the muthaf*ckin juggalos. I love you guys, and you guys, and you guys. We have alcohol and muthaf*ckin explosives.”

[chick smoking a cigarette] “My name is Ashley, and I’m from Muncie, Indiana, and this [referring to her pregnant belly] is my baby Amelia Maine. F*ckin six months pregnant and I’m rockin’ it with the homies.”

“I met a brain surgeon here. He was tripping on acid.”

“I’m gonna start goin’ to college to become a doctor and sh*t.”

[Girl showing her breasts] “It says ‘Titties for a dollar.’ My boyfriend wrote it.”

“I’m from Massachusetts, these are my two little homies [gesturing to her children]. He’s 8 and he’s 11.”

“I’m on dialysis man. I been in treatment the last seven days. And I’m still here! WOOT WOOT!”

“There is no bigatory in juggaloism. True life is inside your soul.”

I don’t want to get hyperbolic on you here, but “There is no bigatory in Juggaloism” has to be one of the best things anyone has ever said.

Just keepin’ it real.

Sorry, “Titties 4 Anarchy Dollar” was my slave name.


CAUTION: Next slide slightly NSFW, depending on your W’s stance on bodypaint.

Wait, is it just me, or is the chick on the right, like… really hot?

I would be proud to let my children get molested by clowns in that camper.

Hacky sack, motherf*cker WOOT WOOT.

Is that the singer from Offspring?

Thank you, Sean Dunne, for this incredible work.

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