This Week In Movie Posters: Fantastic Jacks And Where To Reacher Them

10.18.16 4 days ago • 27 Comments


This Week In Movie Posters begins this week with American Pastoral, Ewan McGregor’s adaptation of Philip Roth’s 1997 novel. This one’s already suspect on account of it contains a single pull quote and that quote comes from infamous quote whore Pete Hammond. Putting a Pete Hammond quote on your poster sends a strong message, and that message is “we couldn’t get quote from a real critic.”

Other than that, the poster is… okay, I guess. They’ve been silenced by her watching eyes! That’s the message I’m getting from this. Makes enough sense, I suppose, though the placement of it sort of makes their chins look like weird boobs. Mmm, weird boobs.

[all posters via impawards]

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