Thor Trailer is Live, and It Looks… Decent?

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12.10.10 19 Comments

Marvel’s Thor stars Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman, and Anthony Hopkins, and was directed by Kenneth “Cap’n Shakespeare” Branagh, so if nothing else, the concept is really weird.  Like the teaser, it opens with Clark Gregg interrogating Thor, trying to find out where he got his training — Afghanistan? Chechnya?  Try VIKING HEAVEN, MOTHERF*CKER.

After that, Thor gets in a fight with his pops, who’s tired of him being such an assh*le, so he takes away his powers and sends him down to Earth.  Actually, now that we’ve seen a trailer, Branagh’s Shakespeare experience seems surprisingly relevant.  Accents, hubris, shouting — this bitch has all that Shakespeare sh*t.  Anyway, as long as Marvel doesn’t try to cram promos for their next six movies into this, it looks like it might actually be decent.  I’m cautiously optimistic.  And I still have my fingers crossed that at some point, Thor will pause before uttering the immortal words, “Stop.  Hammer time.”

My, my, my…

[opens May 20, 2011]

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