10 Best Reasons Not to See Yogi Bear, from Tim & Neil’s Pamphlet

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12.07.10 13 Comments

For months, comedians Neil Hamburger and Tim Heidecker (of Tim & Eric Awesome Show Great Job) have been trying to raise awareness about the Yogi Bear movie, and the threat it poses to our society.  They recently compiled a series of tweets into an informational pamphlet.  Since this is such an important cause, I’ve included some of the best of them here.

timheidecker: AP reporting #yogibear Movie contains subliminal messages encouraging children to commit suicide!

Neil_Hamburger: Justin Timberlake drew on his experience as a human urinal for his portrayal of beloved Boo Boo. #f*ckyouyogibear

Neil_Hamburger: Tom Bosley’s dying final words: “Please don’t let Aykroyd voice Yogi Bear.” Died 1 min later. #f*ckyouyogibear

timheidecker: Long John Silvers stunner: “although we are aware that this means losing thousands of dollars a week, we will now refuse to serve dan aykroyd after hearing his embarrassing and disrespectful impersonation of #yogibear

timheidecker: Why is @burgerking offering free temporary swastika tattoos with purchase of #yogibear kids value meal?

Neil_Hamburger: “Yogi Bear” becomes first film to be banned in Poland since “Hitler’s Giant C*ck And Great Ideas Also” was banned from theaters in 1967

timheidecker: CNN reports: Justin Timberlake found dead in hotel room after seeing first commercials for #yogibear movie – #sleepingpills #shame #regret

timheidecker: Volunteers already scrubbing names off of Vietnam Memorial to replace with poor souls who worked on & attended screening of #yogibear movie

Neil_Hamburger: Cleaning up the tears of a cancer-stricken child whose world was shattered after seeing the Yogi Bear preview.

Neil_Hamburger: Taco Bell to put Aykroyd and Timberlake’s feces into refried beans during December to help prepare fans for experience of watching film.

My neighbor’s rose bushes were shading a corner of my lawn and he refused to cut them.  So one night I took a Yogi Bear poster, shredded it, and sowed the pieces into my nieghbor’s yard.  Now nothing will grow there for 70 years. #yogibearfacts

So please, spread this pamphlet around. You never know when you or someone you love could be affected by Yogi Bear.

[via, pamphlet compiled by @dr_orangutan]

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