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Check out the Valkyrie teaser/featurette in HD from Apple here

Valkyrie is the story of German hero Klaus Von Stauffenberg, the man who tried to kill Hitler, and, uh… failed miserably.  I’m curious as to how they turn 6 million Jews dying into a happy ending.  But I guess that’s the magic of Hollywood!

Anyway, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I hate Tom Cruise as much as the alien spirits in your uterus, but I’ve got a throbbing anticipation boner for this flick.  Christopher McQuarrie and Bryan Singer? (who worked together on The Usual Suspects) War? Nazis?  Count me IN. 

What’s that? It’s not coming out until June 2008?  Aw crap, well you break the news to the Make-a-Wish kids. 

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