Trailer for The Rent is Too Damn High Documentary

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11.30.10 16 Comments

Jimmy McMillan, distinguished candidate of the Rent is Too Damn High Party and future mustache hall of famer, lost his bid for New York Governor earlier this month, but in the process, gained something much more valuable.  As a karate expert, I don’t really know what that something is, but perhaps this new documentary can enlighten us.  It’s called DAMN!, named after an expression white people like to imagine black people using.

Thanks to 91 intrepid investors, filmmakers Aaron Fisher-Cohen and Kristian Almgren received just enough funding over Thanksgiving to finish editing their McMillan-centric documentary, DAMN!

Their goal now is to finish the editing process in the next couple of months, with eyes on debuting the film at SXSW in March. But won’t the Jimmy McMillan hype-machine be out of gas by the time 2011 arrives, if it isn’t sputtering on fumes already? “Great art is often timeless,” Cohen wrote. “I don’t expect Jimmy McMillan to be very popular upon the release, but I don’t think that will hinder our story, or who he is as a person, which is what will make this film great.” [Movieline]

Great art is timeless, but you know what’s EVEN MORE timeless?  Karate expertise.  Anyway, I’m all for more McMillan, but hearing a guy from Brooklyn with a hyphen name talk about “great art” makes my neck feel all warm.  I think it might be phantom scarf pangs.

DAMN! Teaser One from FantasticRelationship Filmmaking on Vimeo.

My brain says the guy started a novelty political campaign, but the background music tells me he cured a child’s cancer. But what does my butthole say? That, friends, is the real mystery.

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