Trailer: 'Violet and Daisy' Are Just Two Young Girls Trying To Kill People

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05.01.13 8 Comments

When you think coming-of-age tales about teenage girls, you don’t typically think about sharp-witted assassins and brutal murder-for-hire, but that’s absolutely the case for Violet and Daisy, which stars Saoirse Ronan and Alexis Bledel. Obsessed with a pop idol named Barbie Sunday, the titular BFFs are everything you’d expect from teenage girls in the big city, except instead of babysitting and pet-watching for extra cash, they’re killing people.

And because they need money to buy the latest Barbie Sunday fashion, they take on a seemingly easy mark (James Gandolfini), only to find out that there’s much more than meets the eye to this gig. Honestly, I can’t remember ever watching a trailer for a film about assassins and thinking, “My God, that looks so sweet and inspiring.” What can I say? I’ve got the soul of an old romantic.

Danny Trejo also stars, so I believe that we are required by law to see this.

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