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The Sean Penn-directed drama Into the Wild led all other features with four Screen Actors Guild Awards nominations.  I asked an actor why it’s called "Screen Actors Guild" and not "Screen Actors’ Guild" and he just looked at me like I was speaking Chinese, so I ordered a latte.

"Into the Wild" received a leading four Screen Actors Guild Awards nominations Thursday, including honors for lead actor Emile Hirsch and supporting players Hal Holbrook and Catherine Keener.
…"Into the Wild" also was nominated for performance by its overall cast, along with the Western "3:10 to Yuma," the crime sagas "American Gangster" and "No Country for Old Men," and the musical "Hairspray."
…Conspicuously absent from the guild field was the British romantic melodrama [as opposed to a detached melodrama, or an austere melodrama, I suppose] "Atonement," which was shut out after leading the Golden Globe nominations a week earlier with seven nominations.

You can see the full list of nominees here, but I may as well just tell you, Kurt Russell got snubbed again.

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