Turns Out The ‘Saw’ Franchise Isn’t Done

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12.08.11 14 Comments

Two years ago, when Saw VI was released on Halloween like the 5 installments before it, it marked what most people believed was the end of the repetitive torture porn franchise. Its opening weekend ($14 million) and worldwide ($61 million) grosses were the franchise’s lowest by far, and the toe tag was nearly applied. But Lionsgate saw it simply as a fluke and the studio went forward with last year’s Saw 3D, the most expensive of the series, and while it earned well worldwide, it was still a big disappointment. And thus Saw was declared dead.

Now if you believed that we would never hear from Jigsaw and his deadly gadgets again, you were dead wrong… *cues maniacal laughter, farts*

Lionsgate Vice Chairman Michael Burns spoke to CNBC Tuesday about the potential merger with Summit Entertainment and dropped the following nugget on the horror community:

I’m sure, some day, you’ll see Saw back in the picture

(Via Slash Film)

Well of course we will. How could we not in this Copper Era of remakes, reboots and re-releases? Lionsgate took one Halloween off – probably because it was broke – and people really thought that meant Saw movies were never going to be made again? Hell, I’m surprised there weren’t 10 straight-to-DVD sequels made this year alone.

But I love how Burns (no relation, unless he wants to hire me) pops the Saw reference like we’re all holding out for it. Now a sequel to The Cove, that would be something to get excited about.

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