Ufford plays with dogs, Cat bowling, Morning Links

Here’s our pal Ufford at the Brooklyn Mutt Show. Oh, so he gets to play with dogs all day now? Well la di da. |via SBNation|

The Dugout Opening Days ’12: Pittsburgh Pirates |With Leather|

Boob and Voice Jokes A-Plenty In ‘SNL’ with Sofía Vergara |Warming Glow|

Cat bowling is amazing. |source|

Colbert Captures ‘Bada$s’ Biker Popping Wheelies In Lincoln Tunnel On His iPhone |UPROXX|

30 Geeky Easter Eggs Too Good To Hide |Gamma Squad|

Frotcast 94: Justin Halpern tells of a Jason Biggs encounter, we review American Reunion, Manswers Roulette |Film Drunk|

21 Examples Of Founding Fathers Slash Fiction |Buzzfeed|

13 Adorable Cats ‘Boxing’ |HuffPost Comedy|

Kim Kardashian blah blah blah can we throw this bitch off a bridge yet? |TheSuperficial|

Drake wrote a bar mitzvah song. |TheDailyWhat|

19 regional words Americans should adopt immediately. |MentalFloss|

A History of Leonardo DiCaprio’s On Screen Deaths |Moviefone|

Miley Cyrus might quit Hollywood. Oh no, what will they do if they lose another talentless, slutty idiot? |Videogum|

The 11 best Easter bunnies of all time. |ModernMan|

The ten best Draw Something pictures of the week. |PopHangover|

Stop! Scene Stealer! 10 TV Characters Who Have Walked Away With Someone Else’s Show |Pajiba|

Jocks might not actually be dumb says this thingie. |HolyTaco|

How to Be the Coolest Kid of 1994 |Unreality|

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