UPROXX Video: Charlie's New Haircut

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02.28.13 9 Comments

In case you haven’t been paying attention to our brand new UPROXX Videos series – brought to us by the incredible geniuses behind 5 Second Films – you’ve been missing out on plenty. Most recently, they asked the important question: “What’s Your Twilight?” In that, a bunch of people, including that guy who writes here regularly and our buddy Joe “Joe” Sinclitico, telling us their favorite movies that are also horrible movies, AKA their Twilights.

However, one guy said that Big Trouble in Little China is his Twilight, and that had to have been an editing error, because that movie isn’t terrible. It’s 100% awesome and it holds up just fine. I’m 33-years old and I have an original Big Trouble in Little China movie poster hanging in my office. I also own the film on Blu-Ray and DVD because I refuse to get rid of the DVD unless someone who truly appreciates the movie wanted it. Egg Shen deserves that respect. I mean, comparing Big Trouble in Little China to Twilight? I’d rather you poop in my Six Demon Bag.

This week, the UPROXX Video gang brings us Charlie’s New Haircut, which is a haunting reminder of why guys should never change their hairstyles unless they have fauxhawks or emo bangs.

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