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09.05.07 27 Comments

As reported here and in Rolling Stone, Larry Wachowski is something of a transvestigender s/he whatsit. 

It started with visits to a dominatrix named Ilsa Strix who ran a "dungeon" with female-to-male transgender Buck Angel (link NWS. And disturbing.). It culminated in the latest news, that Larry Wachowski is now Lana Wachowski, and has a full-fledged vagina.  Or has some sort of vagina-shaped wound in her crotch.

Some time in the near future, Lana will go public with an interview on Dateline NBC (which is apparently taking a break from its busy schedule of helping pedophiles masturbate), while Andy handles all the press for the G-rated Speed Racer.

I don't see why she shouldn't help with the press tour.  Man, woman, freakish man-woman; whatever. I don't care how you mutilate your genitals so long as I never have to sit through Matrix: Revolutions.   

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