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06.19.08 246 Comments

Hollywood desperately wants to shed its image as being all hype and no substance.  To that end, they’re already planning a sequel for Wanted, the Matrix knockoff that’s not even out yet (haven’t seen it yet, but I smell turd).  Wanted bad guy Terence Stamp tells MTV:

“I play a character who’s called Pekwarsky,” Stamp explained. “He’s an enigmatic character who doesn’t feature a lot in the first one, but it’s something that’s written for a sequel.”

Since the first Wanted has introduced the revolutionary plot device of bullets that curve, I wondered what new-twist-on-old-weaponry they’d come up with for the next one.  Here are my ideas so far: 

-Silly string grenades
-A boxing glove filled with nickels
-Haduken (note: might need to curve to be technically considered “new”)
-Crotch lasers
-Baseball bat with a nail in it
-Frank Stallone

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