A few days ago, a Spanish movie blogger (uruloki.org) had the audacity to publish some “unauthorized” photos of The Dark Knight in the name of obsessive fandom. 

According to IESB, Warner’s lawyers asked the guy to remove the photos, so he did.  Then they had his Flickr account shut down anyway, and since every image on his site from the last five years was also hosted there, he pretty much lost everything.

The lesson to be learned here is to never say anything positive about anything or anyone.  Warner Bros’ hate it when yay-hoos and hombres from Spain give them free advertising.  FilmDrunk manages to prosper only by maintaining a strict “all hate all the time” policy.

I don’t know much about Spain, but a T-Shirt once told me it was like Mexico with a college education.  

I have a short message for Warner Bros in Spanish, which is much easier to speak when you’re drunk: Sus madres tienen penochas muy grande y jugoso.  Y sus esposas tomar horchata con las ovejas.

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