WATCH: 'Argo,' Ben Affleck's tribute to Hart Bochner in Die Hard

05.08.12 6 years ago 12 Comments

Argo, opening October 12th, rated Arg for Argo, just released its first trailer. Ben Affleck stars in his third directawrial effit, telling the true story of a CIA plot to pose as Canadian movie producers scouting locations for a sci-fi movie to help rescue American diplomats stranded in Iran after the Iranian revolution. After Gone Baby Gone and The Town, I’m through being surprised when Ben Affleck makes a good movie, and between that and supporting roles from heavy hitters Bryan Cranston, John Goodman, and Alan Arkin, I’m already sold.

I just hope that with Ben Affleck looking so much like Harry Ellis from Die Hard (Hart Bochner), there’s a scene where Affleck has a sit down with the Ayatollah and tries to free the hostages using his old school Wall Street hucksterism.

“Ayatollah, baby. Allahu talkbar? (*sniff*) Look, babe, I think we can all agree that the Shah was a camel f*cker, am I right? I see you storm the embassy, I think to myself, ‘Here’s a guy that gets things done.’ But now it’s time to negotiate. Hey, business is business. You use a horde of stone-throwing villagers and an impure woman, I use a fountain pen. What’s the difference?” (*sniff*) (*donkey laugh*)

[trailer via CinemaBlend]

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