06.25.09 7 years ago • 11 Comments

For one week only, you’ll be able to see Zack Snyder’s director’s cut of Watchmen in theaters, provided you live in L.A., New York, Minneapolis, or Dallas (whose D did Minneapolis suck for that? that’s still in Minnesota, right?).

The cut, which will have an additional 25 minutes of footage including the death of a supporting character [Hollis Mason, the original Nite Owl], will screen in Los Angeles, New York, Minneapolis and Dallas before the movie is released on Blu-ray and DVD on July 21.
The rollout will culminate with a special screening July 25 at Comic-Con that is designed to act as a BD-Live event, a Blu-ray feature that will allow any viewer in North America to watch the movie simultaneously as the audience at Comic-Con, see and hear Snyder comment on the movie, and even ask questions. The screening will then be archived and will be able to be accessed for future viewings. [THR]

Hopefully the extra 25 minutes will be mostly gratuitous, slow-motion violence.  I’d be disappointed if it tried to explain some of the random stuff (like the bat-liger cameo) at the end of the film, which I found sort of delightfully inexplicable.  I’ve heard the DVD also has a special function where you can make The Comedian murder a pregnant chick whenever things get boring, so that’s nice.

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