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11.26.07 31 Comments

Being that Where the Wild Things Are (Spike Jonze/Dave Eggers) gives me a giant really stiff nerd boner, it’s with happiness that I report that Michelle Williams has been replaced by Lauren Ambrose as the voice of KW (one of the big hairy monster things).

According to a production source, the filmmakers enjoyed working with Williams, but her voice didn’t match their original vision of how the Wild Thing should sound.

Warner Bros. is producing the Playtone/Wild Things production in association with Legendary Pictures and Village Roadshow. Jonze and Dave Eggers wrote the adapted screenplay. Tom Hanks, Gary Goetzman, [original author Maurice] Sendak, John Carls and Vincent Landay are producing the film, which will use real actors, computer animation and live-action puppeteering. The film is set for release in fall 2008. [Hollywood Reporter]

I say this is good news because, though she is a ginger, Lauren Ambrose has been pretty solid in everything from Can’t Hardly Wait to Six Feet Under.  Meanwhile, Michelle Williams was the most annoying chick on Dawson’s Creek, which is pretty much like being the craziest Jackson, the gayest Backstreet Boy, the most troll-like Olsen twin, or the stupidest Bruckheimer movie.  Seriously, she reminds me of every snotty chick in third grade who kicked me in the shins or complained to the teacher about my swearing.  Little bitches.  No one respects their school custodian these days. 

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