White Dog, the Shelved Movie about a Racist Dog, Comes to Netflix Instant

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11.10.10 26 Comments

It seems someone at Netflix has been reading FilmDrunk, because White Dog is now available on Netflix Instant.  In 1982, Paramount completed White Dog, a Samuel Fuller film about, you guessed it, a pure white Aryan canine who hated black people and their rambunctious jungle music.  Fearing negative press over accusations of racism, they showed it in France and the UK and on certain US cable outlets, but never released it in the US, until a Criterion version on DVD in 2008.  Which is a shame, because not only is the film not racist, it’s pretty harshly anti-racist:

Director Samuel Fuller uses the film as a platform to deliver an antiracist message as it examines the question of whether racism is a treatable problem or an incurable disease. Critics praised the film’s hard line look at racism and Fuller’s use of melodrama and metaphors to present his argument, and its somewhat disheartening ending that leaves the impression that while racism is learned, it cannot be cured. [Wiki]

I just love the trailer, because while it’s a little edgy, it’s pretty much exactly like Unstoppable.

“That’s a WHITE DOG!”
“Of course he’s a white dog.”
“I don’t mean his color! I mean he’s taught to attack and kill black people!”
“Come on, Julie, you’ve got a four-legged time bomb!”

You’re telling me I’ve got an UNLEASHED DOG running loose through a POPULATED AREA?!?! …That’s not just a DOG, it’s a MISSILE the size of the CHRYSLER BUILDING!  And IT HATES BLACKS!

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