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08.10.09 14 Comments

This is a new red-band clip from The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard, featuring Jeremy Piven, Gina Gershon, Will Ferrell, and a backpack full of dildos and lube.  Also, Will Ferrell is dressed like Abe Lincoln.  Though for some reason he’s sporting a mutton-chop-sideburns combo, which, although sweet, differs from Lincoln’s well-publicized preference for an Amish-style chin strap.

I’m not sure how feel about The Goods, which opens this Friday.  It looks like your standard Will Ferrell-Adam McKay comedy, which is less a movie than a collection of ad-libs and improvised sketches.  It’s a movie I’ve probably already seen a few times, and I wish they’d take the time to re-write and shoot scenes after they chance upon something funny during improv, but then, I can’t fully argue with Abe Lincoln and dildos raining from the sky.  It’s a dilemma as old as time.

[via ScreenJunkies]

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