Will Ferrell’s fake arms and Morning Links

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08.06.10 10 Comments

Here’s a scene Will Ferrell shot with Jimmy Fallon using fake arms.  It’s pretty sweet (fake arm scene starts at 7:14). I see Jimmy Fallon’s still doing that isn’t-it-cute-when-I-ruin-the-scene-with-my-giggling thing.  Good for him.


Robopanda takes a hard look at our favorite thing, animals in the news. |Uproxx|

The Hellboy dude has a sweet new book out, if you’re into that sort of thing. |GammaSquad|

Some lesbian chick is on CSI. She’s not very cute.  I’d still hit it though. |

Emmett Smith’s dog has a boner. |KissingSuzyKolber|

Listen to the latest Frotcast. Hear stories about Gary Busey. |Frotcast|

Here are some pictures of that trashy-looking whore Brett Farve sent pictures of his wiener to. |HolyTaco|

Nolan Ryan owns the Rangers or some sh*t. |WithLeather|

Awesomely terrible TV theme songs from the 80s. |Pajiba|

(Pictured) This is a cute idea. Though a bit unnecessary for me.  I just have my fine Japanese f*ck pillow save seats for me. People avoid her because of semen stains. [via]

‘Weird Science’ vs. ‘Real Genius’: 25th Anniversary Geek-Off. |InsideMovies|

Kama Sutra being released as an audio book.  Ooookay. |FListed|

10 fake but memorable movie websites. |ScreenJunkies|

The nine biggest WTF Ice Cream truck incidents.  Now that is an awesomely random list. |Ranker|


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