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06.25.09 15 Comments

It seems the way to write a Hollywood rom-com these days is to collect your most insanely obvious and intuitive relationship observations and fashion a crude narrative out of them.  Like, “If you meet a guy and he seems uninterested at first but then says, ‘call me in six beers,’ and later you have sex with him but he never calls and then when you confront him about it he says he was weirded out by your oversized labia …he’s just not that into you.”  Such brilliant insight into the human condition abounds in this red-band clip from The Ugly Truth.

  1. “Men are very visual.”
  2. “Wear a bra that makes your boobs look good.”
  3. “Wear a skirt short enough to see some thigh, but not so short we see vag.”
  4. “Don’t whine about your problems.”
  5. “Long hair is good.”

And all the while, Katherine Heigl has to pretend like this is all coming from a mutant with superhuman powers of perception who has shapeshifted into the form of her father in order to make her feel more comfortable.  I can’t wait until the next scene, when Gerard Butler and his mangled accent explain the trouble with dingleberries.

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