Brace Yourselves — Grand Theft Auto V Is Coming

Senior Contributor

Yeah, so this is happening.

We know absolutely nothing whatsoever about Grand Theft Auto (GTA) V beyond the fact that it’s coming, and the release date of the trailer: 11/2/11. But we’re assuming it will involve stealing cars, shooting people, and picking up hookers. We hope it doesn’t involve taking your dumba$s cousin out for hamburgers and watching TV, although shooting him in the opening would be wonderful (seriously, Rockstar, did you have to give us your version of Slippy?)

And, if we’re being completely honest, we’re really more looking forward to Fox News and various moral guardians hitting the roof that this horrible corrupting video game series is having yet another entry to teach their precious little children about pimps and drive-bys.

We’re actually putting together a pool; I’ve currently got five bucks that says “Grand Theft Auto is making my son gay” will be a headline before 2012 is done.

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