The ‘Fallout 4’ Launch Trailer Focuses On Story Details And The Game’s Female Protagonist

11.05.15 2 years ago 2 Comments

With Fallout 4 less than a week away, Bethesda has released a launch trailer to notch your anticipation just a little bit higher. A lot of launch trailers are just a parade of explosions and pull-quotes, but this one actually contains some juicy info.

The trailer introduces players to the various factions occupying post-apocalyptic Boston, and gives us a loose idea of what Fallout 4‘s story will be all about. It seems everybody in the game has it out for a mysterious organization called “The Institute,” and you’ll be tasked with tracking them down. In addition to that, Fallout 4 looks to be taking a page from the Deus Ex series, with moral quandaries about the nature of robotic “Synths” playing a major part in the story.

Also, the trailer is also the first time we’ve seen and heard from the female version of the game’s protagonist (you can choose your character’s gender at the start of the game). Being that I’m one of those guys who usually plays as female characters when given the chance, it’s good to see the lady Sole Survivor get a little screen time. She certainly fills out the blue jumpsuit better.

Fallout 4 irradiates store shelves November 10.

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