Has The Madden Curse Claimed Peyton Hillis As Its Victim?

Senior Contributor

I’ll be honest, if you want in-depth discussion of Peyton Hillis, I’m about the last guy to ask. Football season is always a dark, depressing time for me because I was born in Washington D.C., and thus my teams are the Redskins, the Orioles (which got replaced by the Nationals as D.C.’s team, GEE THANKS MLB), and, worst of all, the Wizards, which I’m pretty sure not even the owners go to see. I do know he’s on the Cleveland Browns, which is part of the reason he’s off my radar.

Anyway, Madden, as always, made a big show out of selecting Hillis as the next person they’d select to ruin his career with their notorious curse — following in the footsteps of Donovan McNabb, Vince Young, Daunte Culpepper, Shaun Alexander, Garrison Hearst…jeez, how many players has Madden frickin’ ruined anyway? Anyway, Hillis has already pulled his hamstring twice (and if you call it a “hammy,” you’re just weird, OK?) and has had to sit out three games, AND his teammates have turned against him, questioning his heart. The Browns are insisting he won’t miss the season, but it’s not looking good.

Others insist there is no Madden curse. Honestly, looking at that list? We’re not so sure. In fact we’re starting to think EA is sacrificing an NFL player a year to the Blood God Madden to keep its terrible franchise number one. But that’s just silly.


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