PlayStation 3 To Get High-Res Lingerie Catalogs?

01.20.12 6 years ago

The next frontier in making you throw out your old TV and buy a new $5000 one is to quadruple the resolution of the images. Unfortunately, you have to convince people quadruple resolution is a great idea in order to get them to mindlessly consume.

So Sony is helping by using its PlayView tech to post pictures of women in lingerie. Seriously.

Reports Kotaku:

As with most new applications, somebody’s figured out that one way to show off this new tech is not necessarily only with Monster Hunter strategy guides, but also with photos of, yes, pretty ladies. How high def is high def? Try resolutions at 4K, enabling PS3 owners the ability to zoom in and look at, I dunno, pores?

Well, at least it’s not something exceptionally weird. Even if you can zoom into ridiculous levels with these photos.

(Image via Kotaku)

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