‘Rainbow 6: Siege’ Is Ready To Breach With A New Gameplay Trailer

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Fans of the Rainbow Six series have been waiting seven long years for a follow-up after Rainbow Six: Vegas 2. Now the squad-based FPS is finally back, this time with a few twists.

First of all, it’s entirely online; there’s no single-player campaign this go-round. Secondly, the emphasis is heavily on tactics, as you can tell from the teamwork. Before the match starts, you’ve got some reconnaissance to go over and figure out who’s where, what needs to be reinforced, and what the most effective breach tool is. Finally, everybody’s got a very specific set of skills, and you’ll need your teammates to cover your back: You don’t respawn and the only way to get back in the game is to be revived by your partner.

Oh, also, you can completely trash the joint: You can breach ceilings and floors as well as walls, bash through breakable windows, and you have to deal with bullet penetration; if an enemy takes cover, you can still damage them, just not as much as shooting them directly. You won’t have to wait long to experience it, either: The game arrives Dec. 1, so you can spend the holidays the American way, smashing your enemy’s shield with a hammer before shooting him in the face.

(Via YouTube)

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