The Original ‘Resident Evil’ Game Is Being Retold As A Full CG Movie


Resident Evil just can’t get away from that mansion outside Raccoon City. No matter how far the franchise wanders, or how weird it gets as a series, sooner or later it all comes back to that first game and that giant house full of zombie dogs and killer plants. And it looks like we’re headed back yet again, with a full CGI movie called Biohazard: Vendetta.

Just like the original Resident Evil live action movie, it won’t follow the game directly, but instead happen around its plot. It appears to focus on Chris Redfield, or somebody who looks a lot like him, but the staff claims this won’t retell the game’s plot directly, so that might just be a coincidence. Or a clone! Or a full-on reboot! Really, it’s not part of the Resident Evil franchise if you’re not scratching your head wondering what’s going on.

This will be out in Japan this spring, but the U.S. release date is an open question. That said, we won’t be surprised if this turns up alongside Resident Evil 7 in some form, such as the inevitable “Game of the Year” edition. And we’ll be curious to see what angle is left on that creepy old mansion, considering all the approaches the game has taken before.

(Via Kotaku)

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