‘Resident Evil: Vendetta’ Returns To The Mansion In Its Debut Trailer

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As we reported last week, Capcom is once again going the CGI movie route with Resident Evil: Vendetta. Not exactly a huge surprise, but fans of the series are excited, as it looks like Resident Evil: Vendetta will be visiting the Spencer Mansion, the iconic location of the first Resident Evil game. There have been nine Resident Evil movies if you take both the live action and animated films into account, and yet, aside from very brief glimpses, we’ve never seen the Spencer Mansion in any of them, so this is kind of a big thing for RE fanatics.

The debut trailer for Resident Evil: Vendetta is split between series protagonists Chris Redfield and Leon Kennedy. The Chris half follows him and a SWAT team as they delve into the Spencer Mansion, where they find plenty of hungry undead waiting for them. The mansion stuff doesn’t appear to be a remake of the original Resident Evil game, but rather, it seems Chris is revisiting the location for some foolish reason. Meanwhile, we see Leon making his way through a morgue and shooting off some very large guns.

It’s nice to see the classic Resident Evil characters getting to have some fun in this movie. Resident Evil 7: Biohazard may be taking the games in a very different direction, but it’s clear Capcom aren’t about to toss out the franchise’s long history.

Resident Evil: Vendetta arrives in Japan this coming spring, and will likely shamble to American shores sometime in 2017.

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