‘Street Fighter V’ Offers New, Completely Humiliating ‘Stage KOs’ When You Get A Perfect Match

By: 09.23.16

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Getting your butt kicked in Street Fighter V is humiliating enough. But if you really get your clock cleaned, if your opponent lands a perfect match on you while having you completely cornered, then you get to “enjoy” a Stage KO, wherein you get an extra dollop of shame added to your embarrassment sundae in the form of seeing your character suffer through a bit of physical comedy. But while they’re not fun to sit through, they are fun to watch!

This is likely the closest Street Fighter will ever get to fatalities, even though some of its more recent characters seem to crib pretty heavily from Dead or Alive. You’d think Laura’s fighting outfit in particular would be less than practical. But instead of being punched into gibs or having their heads ripped off and stuffed up their butts, the Street Fighter crew usually has something embarrassing plopped on their heads after being kicked through a wall or falling into another comically humiliating situation.

Fortunately, unless you get thoroughly clobbered, you’re unlikely to see these in person. But if you do find yourself losing badly, maybe try to at least get out of the corner before the killing blow falls. Just in case.

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