The Latest ‘Umbrella Corps’ Trailer Returns To The Iconic Village From ‘Resident Evil 4’

01.26.16 2 years ago

Capcom has a lot of stuff in the works in their shadowy underground Resident Evil labs. They just released a remaster of Resident Evil 0, a full remake of Resident Evil 2 is on the way, and in a couple months, Umbrella Corps will be freed from its cage. Umbrella Corps is Capcom’s latest shot at turning Resident Evil into a multiplayer shooter, and this time they’ll be revisiting some memorable locations from past RE games.

The latest Umbrella Corps trailer, which you can check out above, unleashes multiplayer mayhem on the terrifying village from the beginning of Resident Evil 4. Man, that village was enough of a challenge without other players shooting at me. The trailer also provides a glimpse at the Umbrella Corps‘ single-player mode “The Experiment,” which looks like a fairly standard “kill the waves of enemies” thing.

Capcom’s previous attempts at doing the multiplayer shooter thing with Resident Evil have been less than spectacular, but Umbrella Corps is, apparently, pretty solid according to those who have played it. Sure, it doesn’t look or play much like Resident Evil, but then “Resident Evil” isn’t in the game’s title, so I guess you can’t ding Capcom for that. Umbrella Corps arrives on PC and PS4 sometime in May 2016.

(via Destructoid)

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