Yeah, Snorting Ritalin To Play Games All Night Sounds Like A Great Idea

08.09.11 6 years ago

Look, I’ve been gaming since I was eight, which means two solid decades. I’ve definitely had my moments of obsession. I recently played “Super Mario Land” and realized I still had the entire game committed to memory. But lately it seems like the teenagers I usually call lengthy strings of profanity until they cry over multiplayer are acting, well, creepily obsessed. First a kid managed to punch his own ticket by playing video games for 20 straight hours, and now some kid in New Zealand had to go to the hospital after snorting Ritalin to stay up and play games.

Apparently, this kid had been prone to snorting Ritalin before, which, in case you weren’t aware, is incredibly stupid. He bought it off a classmate and ground it up using a homemade grinder, then used an old pen cartridge to snort it, and then probably booted up “Black Ops” and started dropping homophobic slurs to everyone in the game before the heart palpitations and hyperventilation took over.

Fortunately, he’s off Live and in the hospital, no doubt receiving a lecture on the proper mind-altering substances to use to stay awake. You chug coffee to play games all night, kid.

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