So This Exists: Gourmet 12-Course Meal In A Can

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12-course meal in a can by Chris Godfrey

Once in awhile a satirical art project comes along that’s so close to reality, some will inevitably confuse it with real merchandise and decry it as a symptom of society’s decline. Or, in my case, decry it as a satirical art project when it should be real merchandise I can slice up and cover with sprinkles. MY EATING HABITS ARE UNIMPEACHABLE.

The gelatinous monstrosity pictured above is “All in One“, a highfalutin 12-course meal in a can designed by Chris Godfrey. Just check out the amazing flavors on this tasting menu. It makes me want to risk re-enacting Violet Beauregarde’s violent reaction to the three-course meal chewing gum.

  • Selection of local cheeses with sourdough bread
  • Pickled Kobe beef with charred strawberry
  • Ricotta ravioli with a soft egg yolk
  • Shitake mushroom topped with filled peppers
  • Halibut poached in truffle butter in a coconut crepe
  • Risotto foraged ramps, prosciutto and fresh Parmesan
  • French onion soup with fresh thyme and Gruyere cheese
  • Roast pork belly and celeriac root puree
  • Palate cleanser, pear ginger juice
  • Rib eye steak with grilled mustard greens
  • Crack pie with milk ice cream on a vanilla tuile
  • French canelé with a malt barley and hazelnut latte

Crack pie? Ah, so that’s how to keep people coming back for more of this appetizing treat. Just take a closer look at it.

12-course meal in a can by Chris Godfrey

Well, it’s still better than British food.

(H/T: Boing Boing)

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