By: 12.18.09

It looks like Worf’s kid might be getting a new five-year mission: exploring strange new prisons and trying to avoid going where no shiv has gone before.

Yep, child actor Brian Bonsall appeared in a Colorado courtroom Wednesday on charges of second-degree assault after alledgedly repeatedly beating a man in the head with part of a broken wooden stool. Bonsall also allegedly told police that he didn’t remember what happened since he’d been drinking, but the injured man was his best friend – which is probably the most Klingon thing he could’ve said.

If you don’t remember him (like most of Hollywood, apparently), Bonsall was brought onto the series when producers decided that Star Trek: The Next Generation needed to get a new unnecessary kid after Wesley Crusher became as much of a man as he was ever going to be. He was cast as Worf’s rapidly aging son, Alexander, which was familiar ground to Bonsall, who’d also played the baby-turned-six-year-old son Andy on 80’s sitcom Family Ties. If he’s convicted, he could get between two and six years in jail – hopefully he can make time pass quickly there too.

[The Denver Channel via Guyism]

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