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Modern Warfare 2 Fans Know What Daddy Likes

By 04.09.10

The guys over at Corridor Digital (AKA my new best friends who don’t know me) made an awesome fan film based on Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare 2.

Created with a budget of only $209.42, “Frozen Crossing” is an amazing piece of work that will easily be loved by fans of Modern Warfare 2. The video is only 7 minutes long but there is expected to be several parts to the series as it leaves off in a cliff hanger. [Nerdiest-Kids]

Only $209.62?  Amazing.  That’s about $30 per minute for a decent indie action sequence.  That’d be like making a 90 minute Steven Seagal movie for $2,700, except you’d have to leave out the explosions and Seagal would have to supply his own kimonos and panda food.

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