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Wolverine Baby Name Invokes Lulz

By / 07.15.10

A couple in Brazil loaded a cute picture of their unfortunately- named newborn baby on a website, and the internet did its thang.  The child’s first and middle names are “Pettersson Wollveryny.” *facepalms, throws kid’s future resume into the trash can preemptively*

This parental stupidity was noticed by NãoSalvo and led to responses (which I’ll try to very poorly translate) from Prof. Xavier (“Welcome, child” or “Welcome, little mutant”, not totally sure), Cyclops (“Welcome, new team member”), and Storm (“Welcome, little Wollveryny”).

The comments were deleted and commenting was disabled, but that didn’t end the lulz.  They still wanted to welcome little Pettersson Wollveryny (it hurts my soul just to type that) with a joyous photoshop:

And hip hip hooray for the internet as well, giving parents just a small sample of the teasing their kid is going to get in school if they don’t change his name immediately.  What’s wrong with a perfectly normal name like “Robo Panda”, for example?  Or Optimus Prime “Ladies and Gentlemen”?  Get it together.

[Hat tip and a hip hip uha to BleedingCool]


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