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First Look at Real Green Lantern Footage

By 11.15.10

Finally, some actual footage from Green Lantern, and Kilowog looks awesome.  I don’t think director Martin Campbell was joking when he said this would be light in tone, with lots of humor. I’m already laughing at that mask. No, not in a good way.  I hope they un-derp that before next June 17th.

The short clips below were put together as a promo for tomorrow’s episode of “Entertainment Tonight”, which will reportedly have more footage. Wait, “Entertainment Tonight” is still on air?  And “Arrested Development” isn’t? Universe, I am disappoint.  Kilowog and I are going to go get our nails did and talk about you behind your back, Universe.

[Video via Wired, more pics available at LatinoReview]


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