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New Trailer For The Green Hornet

By 11.22.10

Ah, who doesn’t fondly remember their first weaponized car?

Hey, remember last week? I barely do, but my butler informs me that we posted an international trailer with a focus on Kato and how cool he is.  Of course, every embed of it we could find was eventually pulled due to copyright claims by Sony Pictures Entertainment, because free advertisements are of the devil. I imagine Sony executives playing croquet on a pile of interns and having this conversation:

“I say, people on this internet contraption are watching our television advert.”

“You mean people are voluntarily seeking out and viewing our carefully crafted promotional advertisements and it doesn’t cost us a single farthing?”

“Dreadful, isn’t it?”

“We must thwart these internet rapscallions forthwith! I don’t like their tweed at all.”

I’m not sure why Sony executives would be talking like anachronistic English Lords, but oh look here’s a new trailer for The Green Hornet which probably won’t get pulled this time:

Available in HD at Yahoo. [via FirstShowing]


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