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Top 10 Funniest Comic Book Panels of the Week

By 05.27.11


10. Walking Dead #85

Writer: Robert Kirkman    Artist: Charlie Adlard

I didn’t mean to crush you emotionally and rip your heart out, but well, I just couldn’t help myself.


9. Amazing Spider-man #662

Writer: Christos Gage    Artist: Reilly Brown


8. Venom #3

Writer: Rick Remender    Artist: Tom Fowler

Bit of an easy joke, but still funny.



7. Uncanny X-men #537

Writer: Kieron Gillen    Artist: Terry Dodson

He’s just trying to save Cyclops for their showdown in Schism.  How thoughtful of him



6. Godzilla: Kingdom of Monsters #3

Writer: Eric Powell     Artist: Phil Hester

Yep, those are South Korean DMZ patrol soldiers cheering on Godzilla as he lays waste to North Korea.  While sometimes a bit too on the nose, I love the irreverent tone of this book.



5. Ducktales #1

Writer: Warren Spector    Artist: Miquel Pujol

His cousin’s name is Sun Kissed.

4. Deadpool #37

Writer: Daniel Way     Artist: Bong Dazo

I think you’ve got something in your nose there Hulk.

3. Astonishing Spider-man & Wolverine #6

Writer: Jason Aaron     Artist: Adam Kubert

That is Mojo, one of the most feared enemies of the X-men, singing and dancing to a Shirley Temple song.

2. Gotham City Sirens #23

Writer: Peter Calloway    Artist: Andres Guinaldo



We’ve got another newcomer this week at number one.  Coming in at the top spot is….

1. FF #4

Writers: Jonathan Hickman    Artist: Barry Kitson

Ladies and gentlemen, the “Doom Pout.”

… and that concludes another week’s countdown!  So, did I miss any good ones?  Which was your favorite?  Sound off in the comments!

Also, if I may indulge in a bit of self-promotion, you can find my previous countdowns from past weeks here at Gamma Squad and  here at my old blog.  Until next week!

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