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These Links Want Karate

By 08.25.11

Don’t click this. No seriously, don’t. (via Gorillamask)

Athletes Take to Twitter for the Great East Coast Earthquake of 2011 |WithLeather|

The Prophecy Foretold Jimmy Fallon Hosting SNL in 2011 |Warming Glow|

Threat Level Midnight 2: Michael Scarn Vs. Hurricane Irene |UPROXX|

Jay-Z and Kanye Facing Watch the Throne Sample Lawsuit? |TSS|

NBC Buys 80’s Wrestling Drama from The Rock |Warming Glow|

Kevin Durant’s Summer Blossom Has Hip Hop Roots |TSS|

Female Reporter Wants Her Butt Signed |WithLeather|

Best of NBC Thursday Night Supercuts |UPROXX|

Andy Samberg Reenacts Iconic Tennis |UPROXX|

16 Rejected Titles for Toy Story |Film Drunk|

The 11 Worst Songs to Have Sex To |Buzzfeed|

The War of 1812: The Movie |College Humor|

The 20 Worst Accents in Film History |Pajiba|

Henry Winkler F’n Loves Fly Fishing |Adult Swim|

Critics Roundtable: Worst New Fall Shows |AOL TV|

TV Characters Who Should Be BFF in Real Life |FARK|

7 Chapters of Zooey Deschanel’s Origin Story |Moviefone|

“If You Sleep In At My House, You Are Doom-ed ” |I-Am-Bored|

7 Famous Album Covers Featuring People Who Didn’t Want to Be There |TSJ|

VIDEO BELOW: The tortoise and the Hovaround is a lesser-known Aesop’s fable.|via Buzzfeed|

[Inset picture via TheOatmeal]

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