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Riddick Movie Casts Guy Who Plays Nothing But Slimy Villains as it’s Slimy Villain

By 01.11.12

Hey, let’s keep the Riddick casting news train rolling, shall we? We already know Vin Diesel will probably be teaming up with/humping Katee Sackhoff, but who’s he going to be running from/eventually killing?

Well, it looks like the villain role is going to Jordi Molla. Jordi Who-sa? He’s been the villain in a number of recent b-level action movies like Colombiana and Knight and Day, and well, just look at that picture — he certainly looks the part. That’s one slimy looking dude. That’s the kind of face I can support Vin Diesel blowing a bloody hole in.

So yeah, Jordi Molla. I’ll admit, I just wrote this story because his name reminded me of this guy…

Chief of re-engineering your goddamn face.

…now that right there would be a movie.

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