Six Reasons Resident Evil: Revelations Is Better Than Resident Evil 5

By: 02.09.12

Jill Gets to do Stuff in This One

Jill’s always been my favorite RE character — next to possibly Samus Aran, she’s probably the best female character in gaming. Sadly RE5 took a pretty sizeable dump on ol’ Jill, recasting her as a mind-controlled slave of the Darth Vader of the RE series, Albert Wesker. Revelations on the other hand stars Jill as the main playable character, and it’s nice to have her back to being her old competent self. This is probably the last we’ll see of Jill in any sort of major role for a while, since Resident Evil 6 appears to be a Chris and Leon cover-shootin’ bro-fest.

Jill also has a very shiny butt in the game. You know, for those of you who like a good shiny butt.


It Does Co-op Right

I like co-op gaming, but I wasn’t a big fan of how RE5 went about it. Trying to make your main campaign playable in both single player and co-op styles is just asking for trouble. The end result is a single player game with just a few too many frustrating parts clearly designed for two people, and a co-op game filled with stretches where playing with two people doesn’t really seem to provide much benefit.

Revelations wisely separates the co-op experience from the main campaign, instead creating “Raid mode”, a separate (and surprisingly substantial) mode just for co-op. So far I’ve only dabbled in Raid Mode, but I’m already liking it more than RE4 and RE5’s Mercenaries mode.


No Non-Europeans Were Hurt in the Making of This Games’ Cultural Stereotypes

So, RE4 was full of weird, kind of stereotypical Spanish peasants, and we were all okay with that. Then they tried to do the same thing with Africans in RE5 and it wasn’t so okay. Well I’m happy to report the only cultural stereotype running around Revelations is Parker Luciani, a guy with an Italian accent so goofy he could try out for the next Mario Party game.

Nothing gamers like better than a good ridiculous Italian accent.

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