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By 02.15.12

Marvel’s made it no secret that as part of “Avengers Vs. X-Men”, Captain Marvel is coming back. No, not the red guy, the other one at Marvel.

Coming back from the dead is, of course, a staple of all comic books. We’re pretty sure there was a “Death of Archie” arc at some point in the late ’90s. But some characters stay deader than others.

So, weigh in in the comments: who’s dead that you’d like to see come back? A few of our nominees under the cut.

Ted Kord

We will say this: at least the second Blue Beetle got a great send-off that moved the character away from the joke he was and established him as a good detective. But we miss Ted and Booster screwing around. C’mon, DC, he doesn’t have to be the Blue Beetle, but bring the poor guy back.


It’s always terrible when a good character gets offed by a retcon, and Banshee’s death always felt a little cheap. On the other hand, as the guys at “Nextwave” pointed out, “X-Men come back more often than Jesus”, so we’re sure somebody will revive the guy eventually.


The New 52 desperately needs a smart-ass with x-ray vision and a gun.


If for no other reason than the way he got his ticket punched was the most ridiculous moment of “Civil War”.


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